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Partners in Process prepares our clients for the competitive environment of the 21st century by focusing on the most important measure of business success, maximizing shareholder and enterprise value. 

To achieve this critical mission of creating a Value Based Business™, we work in a collaborative partnership with our clients to analyze, model and evaluate current and potential future performance, identify global business opportunities and develop a comprehensive value based business plan which effectively links strategic objectives and a high performance culture to the successful execution of critical operational projects, programs and strategic initiatives.

Our Expertise

Partners in Process was founded in 1994. The focus of its consulting services includes  Business Planning, Process Management and Corporate Transformation.  The foundation for Partners in Process client consulting services is based on David Foster's key leadership role in the organizational and operational transformation of GE at the division, business group and corporate levels during the last three decades. As an executive for General Electric , Mr. Foster designed, developed and implemented cutting edge approaches to Strategic Planning, Process Management,  Six Sigma Deployment and Business Transformation.

Today, this experience is the basis of the Partners in Process approach to creating strategic clarity, achieving execution and operational excellence while developing high performance cultures for our clients.  Over twenty five years of development and refinement has created a comprehensive, world class Partners in Process Value Creation Approach, which seamlessly integrates four critical components of a Value Based Business: growth, operating profitability, invested capital productivity and risk management. 

One of the most important elements of our Value Creation Process™, is its unique  ability to train, coach and facilitate our clients, their customers and their suppliers in value based business planning, execution and operations management and cultural transformation.   More specifically, at the end of the day, our clients have complete ownership of world class skills, tools, methods and approaches to  provide immediate payback to bottom line performance while building a solid foundation for shareholder and enterprise value creation.


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