About Us

Developing Strategic Clarity

Our Business Planning and Value Creation Process then uses a combination of strategic benchmarking and real time value creation simulation and business modeling to develop concise and measurable value based strategic objectives and goals, a winning customer value proposition and clearly defined competitive advantages.   Together, these three critical strategic elements will successfully guide any business in strategic and operational decision making, resource allocation and market development over the planning period.

The end product of this effort is a Value Based Business Plan and clearly defined  Value Creation Process. A process that guides the implementation and execution of supporting processes, programs and strategic initiatives while significantly increasing the probability of achieving operational excellence, improving bottom line performance and enhancing  enterprise and shareholder value.   

Achieving Execution and Operational Excellence

Our approach begins with a quantitative and qualitative assessment of critical business processes.  This effort includes documenting critical business processes, analyzing their current performance while translating strategic value drivers into specific process performance goals of time, accuracy (defects), rate (capacity) and cost.  This translation is one of the most important steps, since it allows process improvement, productivity gains and any associated investment to be directly focused on strategic business requirements and the value creation process.

Next, our proprietary team based Six Sigma Focused Process Management™ approach combines a careful blend of science, analytics and process simulation to create a series of "what if scenarios".  Each of these process models is then examined to determine which one provides the maximum contribution to strategic goals and customer requirements while minimizing invested costs during implementation.

Creating a High Performance Culture

The Partners in Process approach in creating a high performance culture is inherent in all of our methodologies and tools that we provide our clients.   We don't create the strategic clarity, we facilitate and coach its development. 

We don't create world class business processes, we facilitate and coach their development and implementation.   And as one might expect, we don't create a high performance culture or high performance teams, we facilitate and coach their development.  In other words, cross-functional client  involvement, empowerment, decision making and ownership is a fundamental component of all our consulting services, methodologies and tools.

Each of our tools, methodologies or approaches is designed to promote a lean, agile, cross-functional and boundary less organization.  Our focus is to provide behavioral based examples and models that promote a high performance culture and high performance teams.  This, coupled with enterprise wide training and education, quickly creates the empowered innovative world of the value based business.  Step by step, we provide the coaching, facilitation and experience to assist our clients in achieving a timely and successful organizational transformation. 

The Team

David Foster, Managing Director, Senior Consultant

David has over thirty years of industry and consulting experience. Mr. Foster began his career with General Electric as a senior planner in Financial Operations.

James Oliver, Senior Consultant

James has over twenty-five years of diversified business management, finance and accounting experience. He has experience in a wide range of industries, various levels of product technology, in both domestic and international markets. 

Andrew Foster, Consultant

Andrew has 15 years experience in business management with a focus on process improvement and Six Sigma deployment.